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How To Ride

A representative from Metro Transit, the Twin Cities’ public transportation provider, will be on campus at 3pm Monday, January 7th to give students a presentation on how to use the bus and light rail.  This presentation will be held in the student lounge and all first quarter students are encouraged to attend to better understand how to get around the Minneapolis area using public transportation.

All Students who ride the bus are encouraged to buy the Go-To College Pass, which is available for purchase in the IPR Bookstore/Pro Audio Oultet.  The pass is 150.00 dollars for unlimited rides and can be used from January 1st 2008-May 31st 2008.  The Go-To College Pass is the most cost effective way to ride the bus and is a savings of over 300.00 dollars for students who rely on the bus for regular transportation.



Thank you for your interest in the Institute of Production and Recording.

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