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DIY guest for 8/14 & 8/21

DIY 360
Hosted by: Adam Levy
Every Friday morning at 11:30am

8/14: Annie Sparrows is general manager/accountant/composer/singer for Brahmstedt White Noise sound design company. As bass player in the pop punk band the Soviettes, Annie Sparrows toured extensively. She quit the band to help run one of the most successful sound design companies in the United States, with her boss Ken Brahmstedt, composing and performing music for BMW and Target, among other big clients. . She will discuss her personal journey as well as a great internship composing opportunity at BWN.

8/21: As a member of the Rembrandts, Phil Solem composed the hit theme song for the award winning TV series “Friends.” Phil has recorded numerous records, written hits for other pop artists and is an outstanding singer and guitarist. Phil will play us a few songs and talk about songwriting, production and touring.



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