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DIY 360 Review from last weeks session with Kill The Vultures.

11/19 – Alexei Casselle aka Crescent Moon and beat-maker Anatomy brought their hip-hop beats to Robinson Hall today for DIY 360.  Performing songs off their current and previous albums, Kill the Vultures too shared their knowledge on how they create their poignant lyrics.  Drawing inspiration from other local artists such as the late “Eyedea” Michael Larsen, Crescent Moon performs with such passion, it’s no wonder Kill the Vultures has such a draw to their music.  Staying busy is the name of the game, and Kill the Vultures do just that with their many projects (Roma di Luna) outside of the group.  Their nose to the grindstone work ethics will carry KTV far into many future successes.

The songs are nocturnal, urban soundscapes with an eye towards the industrial rust-belt cities of the upper Midwest.  Crescent Moon’s vocals are predominantly crime narratives, splices with social commentary.  He drops surreal imagery and gritty truths in the same breath.  Anatomy’s beats utilize a hard-boiled sample pallet, consisting of drums, upright bass, stings, and horns, filled out with live instrumentation.

There will be no DIY for the week of 11/26, but we will return with Chris Koza of Rogue Valley on 12/3/2010.



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