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10/29/2010 – DIY 360 with Adam Levy was joined by Isaac Halvorson, Ryan Terrell (Eskimo Spy), Jack Ventimiglia, Savannah Smith, Travis Turner, and Max Karno (Karnotic) of Hospice Media on Friday morning.  Isaac and Ryan elaborated on the origins of how Hospice came around after their trip to SXSW this past spring.  When the two returned home from Austin, they realized that they were further advanced than many of the current artists that played SXSW.  With this germ of an idea, they started Hospice Media, an organic place to be able to showcase their music.  Travis Turner shared his talents with a reading entitled “A Proposal,” and Karnotic expounded on where he gets his musical aesthetic.  Savannah Smith and Jack Ventimiglia ended the session by performing some beautiful music, and spoke on where they get their creative ideas.

Hospice Media is offering a free sampler of their featured artists on their website.  Check it out here:


You may ask yourself, why the name? Hospice comes from the Latin word hospitium meaning “a lodging for travelers; a place of rest for the weary.”

We understand how difficult the final push to release the album can be, we’re artists ourselves. You’ve done the hard work of creating the music, now put your feet up, take a load off, and let us take over.



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