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DIY 360, Liminal Phase

DIY 360 host Adam Levy has joined with IPR alumni Nathan Brende and Dan Zamzow to bring something special to IPR this Friday: Liminal Phase.

With its blending of classical, jazz, psychedelia, and world music genres, Levy describes the group as “electronic chamber improvisation music”. Song arrangement and instrument choice make this band exceptionally unique.

The group is collaborating with the Arabic/Persian music scholar, Tim O’Keefe, giving the music a North African and Middle Eastern feel.

Most of the cast are multiple instrumentalists:

  • Lisa Hirst-Carnes: Harmonium, Oboe
  • Nathan Brende: Ableton Live, analog and computer
  • DeVon Gray: piano, keyboards, bassoon
  • Tim O’Keefe: oud, persian percussion
  • Peter Leggit: drums
  • Adam Levy: guitar
  • Dan Zamzow: cello

Come experience Liminal Phase this Friday morning @ 11:30 in IPR’s Robinson Hall.



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