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Directions to Music in the Park

IPR presents Music in the Park is coming up on Thursday, August 20th!

Whether by train or car, here are the directions to Minnehaha Falls:

Via Light Rail Transit:

  1. The closest LRT station to IPR is on South 5th St between Hennepin Avenue and First Ave North. It’s about a 10 minute walk from IPR.
  2. Trains run every 5-10 minutes, and it is a 20 minute ride to the Minnehaha Park station.
  3. If you have a Go-To College Pass or a 31-Day Pass, this serves as your fare to ride the train. If you have a Stored Value Card, you can use it to get a bus transfer, which serves as your fare to ride the train. If you don’t have a transit pass of any sort, you can buy a train ticket using a machine on the station platform. Don’t ride a train without a pass; if you get caught by transit security you will be fined!
  4. Take a southbound train from the Warehouse District station to the Hiawatha Ave/50th St/Minnehaha Park station.
  5. After exiting the train, cross Hiawatha Avenue.
  6. Once across the street, follow the trails heading to the left. These run parallel to Minnehaha Avenue and will lead you to Minnehaha Creek.
  7. Once across the creek, head to the right and look for the bandshell!

Via driving:

  1. From IPR, head SE on Washington Avenue until you get to 35-W.
  2. Take a right onto 35-W South.
  3. Keep left and follow the signs for MN-55/Hiawatha Ave.
  4. Merge onto Hiawatha Ave. Continue on Hiawatha until E 46th St.
  5. Turn left at E 46th St.
  6. Turn right at Minnehaha Ave.
  7. Minnehaha Ave will bring you to a traffic circle. Don’t freak out! This is where you decide to park.


  1. To park on the street, continue halfway around the traffic circle to continue on Minnehaha Ave. There are street parking spaces ahead.
  2. Go ¾-ways around the traffic circle to head toward a pay lot. You can choose to use an automated pay station or park at a meter.
  3. Beware 2-hr parking spots. Vehicles parked longer than 2 hours will be towed.

See you at the show! Remember: Thursday, August 20th, 5-9PM, All Ages & FREE!



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