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Campus Safety Update From The Campus Director.

Dear IPR Students and Staff

Recently, students have reported a handful of incidents in which items were stolen from their vehicles when parked on or near public property surrounding the IPR building, or near their homes in Minneapolis.  We also experienced a recent case of vandalism of the IPR facility, in which a window was broken out and locks tampered, though nothing appears to have been taken.  We are working with the local police to investigate this incident and have provided security footage of the suspect(s).  To our knowledge, there have been no arrests made, to date.

We are committed to provide a secure learning environment, free of distractions and safe for our students and staff.  We feel this is a good opportunity to remind everyone of a three simple steps that we can all take to keep ourselves and our community safe:


–          Keep personal property in view at all times and never leave it unattended.

  • Even in daylight, even a locked vehicle is little deterrent for a professional thief or a gutsy opportunist.
  • Thefts on campus are rare, but when they happen it is most often when a student or staff member leaves valuable items like laptops, cell-phones or purses/book bags unattended in public areas.

–          Report any suspicious persons/activities on our around campus to your instructors and/or administration.

–          Wear your IPR ID at all times on campus, and report individuals you see who are not.



Brian Jacoby

Campus Director



Thank you for your interest in the Institute of Production and Recording.

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