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Battle of the Beats 3 Recap

It’s in the books: Aquatic Son (Mychal Fisher) is the winner of IPR’s third Battle of the Beats. He edged out SK (Jake Astle), who was knocked out in the first round but was given new life with a second round wild card spot before charging to the finals. He had to settle for second place however, as Aquatic Son unveiled a beat with Willy Wanka samples in the final round.

A big thanks to all IPR students in attendance, including the participating producers: Aquatic Son, SK, Average Joe (Joe Sadowski), DJ Mellow-J (Jackson Thompson), [BBH] Jab (Joshua Burdette), [BBH] Panudle (Liem Nguyen), DeLinz (Derek Linzy), Mannalog (Marcus Cooper), Yahn Looke Picard (John Pickard), King Sota (Rickey Hunter), Zack Perl (Zach Perstein), and Av8 (Brandon Phillips).

Special thanks to guest judge/performer Carnage and IPR staff judges Morplay Swords and King Sandman. Kudos to Enve (Chris Burris) for his help organizing the event. A big thanks to Troy Watson for running sound.

See you next quarter!



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