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Band Camp 101-By Audition Only!


COURSE will bring together a group of eight selected student performers and songwriters to form a cohesive band. During the four hour weekly class periods, the band will write, arrange, rehearse and perform a set of material to be showcased at an end of the quarter performance. Adam Levy will be the lead instructor for the class and he will also draw on the rest of the IPR performing faculty to provide guidance for the group. Entrance to the class will be through audition and submission of pre-recorded songs and/or performance.

Auditions will be held Monday, August 17 from 2:30 pm in studio 8.

Interested students will be asked to perform to a prerecorded track selected by the course instructor. Audition songs will be provided well in advance so students will have ample time to rehearse. Looking for drummers, percussionists, bass and guitar players, keyboardists, singers, songwriters, strings, horns, OR ANY OTHER INSTRUMENTALISTS.

Audition sign ups and further audition details will be available in Steve Hodge’s office beginning Thursday, August 6th.

Band Camp 101



Thank you for your interest in the Institute of Production and Recording.

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