Attention IPR Students! “Hip Hop Essentials with Rhymesayers Entertainment” is back!


Attention IPR Students!  “Hip Hop Essentials with Rhymesayers Entertainment” is back!

If you are…

-Interested pursuing a career in label management, artist management, touring or Hip Hop production?

-On the lookout for opportunities to collaborate with some of the most influential people in the industry?

-A diehard fan with an insatiable thirst for all things Hip Hop?

…then “Hip Hop Essentials” is for you…and back for Spring of 2012!

“Hip Hop Essentials” (AP293) provides a full view of Hip Hop Culture as well as a look into one of the most respected independent record labels in the country, Minneapolis icons Rhymesayers Entertainment.

During the 10 week course you will:

  • Interact in the studio and one-on-one with a variety of Rhymesayers staff and artists
  • Dig deep into the history and culture of Hip Hop
  • Produce music and receive feedback on your work from Rhymesayers staff
  • Plan and host an event at a local venue showcasing your work

Whether your goal is to be an artist, producer, manager, agent, label owner or any type of music professional; “Hip Hop Essentials” will give you tools to not only help you produce better music, but effectively release and support it in an ever-evolving industry.

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