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A Talent-Filled Night at the Fine Line

We had a great turnout this time around at the Fine Line Music Cafe. Thank you to everyone that came out on a cold night to show support! Hope you enjoyed the show!

In case you missed it, here is a quick recap:

First on stage was Chris Kroeze, guitar in hand. It’s safe to say that he owned the stage and was definitely a fan favorite. While his technique on the guitar was impressive, it was his voice that especially wowed the crowd. We were very pleased to hear the Zeppelin covers.

Next was Skeleton Keys. Consisting of IPR students Jack Ventimiglia, Louis Byrd, Ry Dill and Jimmy Finelli, they gave the receptive crowd a good dose of soul-filled rock’n roll. Performing songs with pretty chords, catchy hooks and howling lyrics at times, they got everyone on their feet and closer to the stage. We will probably be hearing more from this relatively new band. It was a good birthday for Jack.

Next was Influence & Steady Progress, a hip-hop duo featuring IPR student Alex Gage. We’ve been hearing tracks from Alex at the last few Producer’s Reviews, so we were obviously excited for this performance. The performance was bumpin’, featuring a breakdown with Influence rocking the turntables. IPR student Trey Palmer made a surprise appearance, and even took his shirt off.

Touch Me! Touch You! was next to take the stage, and we saw a louder, bolder, tighter version of the band from the last spring’s Showcase. Featuring students Dan Amsden, Austin Day, Kyle Severtson and Tane Graves. Always a great source of energy, the band threw in some darker chords and some screams this time around. As long as they can keep their egos in check, they should have a bright future.

The Analog Architects were next. Featuring first quarter student Mychal Fisher, the other two members flew in from California to play this show, and we appreciate the effort. The group sounded great, whether all three MCs were rhyming in unison or each were taking turns on his own. IPR Student Elliot LeMons joined the group on stage for their last number, and they finished the set with a bang.

IPR’s first ever rock band class was next on the lineup. Mary Jane’s Addiction was something of an IPR supergroup; composed of Hoku Aki, Ben Anderton, Matt Haydon, Casey Lavery, Jack Ventimiglia, Craig Cherny, Julian Roberts & Matt Nimmo the stage was packed with talent. The group utilized hand percussion, synthesizers, and a mix of acoustic and electric guitars to achieve a truly original sound. All after only being together for a matter of weeks!

Last on the bill was Debbie Does Malice, featuring IPR student Steven Lane. A lot of people would say that this group is the weirdest, most intense and awesome thing they’ve ever seen. We would agree. Under the genre “Jazzcore,” these guys will be playing a death metal lick one minute and switch into a jazz-inspired outro with no warning. Awesome set.

That’s it folks. Thanks again to everyone in attendance, performers, students, staff and faculty alike. Special thanks to members of the Student Advisory Board (even the newbies!) for their hard work coordinating the event, we fully appreciate the effort. Great job to Alex Kovacevich running sound and Mike “Slim” Berry on the lights!



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