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A Recap of Concert Night featuring: Slow Spokes, Enve, and Lifted Mindz

The Institute of Production and Recording (IPR) Presents:

Slow Spokes

Last Friday evening the Student Services Department hosted its very first Concert Night in Robinson Hall featuring the Minneapolis based group Slow Spokes.  Three different bands performed throughout the night, starting with the opening act Lifted Mindz.  Lifted Mindz is a hip-hop group comprised of current IPR students including Joe Anderson and Max Altmark.  The group’s five energetic artists warmed up the crowd and set the pace for the rest of the show.  Their set was short, but they used every second of it to show off their rhymes and unique beats.


The second group to perform featured IPR student, Chris Burris aka Enve who took the stage for the first time at an IPR event as a performer two weeks prior to his graduation.  Combining soulful sounds and a conscious attitude, Enve is a force to be reckoned with.  He has a smooth rasp to his voice that melts into his sonic creations while delivering deep intellectual lyrics.


Minneapolis based group Slow Spokes headlined the event.  The bicycle club/hip hop group performed songs from their latest self-titled release.  Slow Spokes is an in your face, non-stop train of hip-hop that pulls out all the stops.  The crowd ignited into chanting when they played their smash hit, Gameboy.  The song boosts it’s chorus from the worlds most famous video game cheat code of all time.  Capcom’s code for the game Contra, “up down, up down, left right, left right, B A, B A, select start,”  was being screamed by every patron.  The crowd clung to every word of the Slow Spokes explosive and dominating performance.


The Concert was a success!  On behalf of the Student Services Department I would like to thank; Slow Spokes, Enve, Lifted Mindz, Kate Waterloo, Zaneta Ogar aka Z, Jason Koskovich and everyone else who came out in support of local music.


Joe – Student Services Coordinator



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