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A loss in the IPR family.

To the IPR family,

Last night we lost an amazing teacher, friend, and member of our family in a tragic accident. Mary Ann O’Dougherty has been a beloved member of our faculty for more than three years, spent close to fifteen years teaching in the public schools of St. Paul, and as a performer she has traveled the world for more than thirty. Her talent and voice have touched thousands of lives.

In the relatively short time that I’ve known Mary Ann I’ve come to recognize her vivacious passion for life and, while I’m sure she’d understand our need to mourn, she’d prefer we celebrate her life than grieve her passing. In addition to all of the students and friends she has here, two members of her family, her husband Steve Alm and friend and sister-in-law Mary Jane Alm are members of our family and need our support. I’m not quite sure if there is a lesson to be learned from moments like this except to realize how quickly things can change, so please, find someone you care about today and tell them so!

We will be waiting to hear the family’s plans before IPR makes any decision regarding how to show our love and support for Mary Ann and her family.

Mary Jane is currently planning to be here to teach her lecture tomorrow morning and would love to see any of our staff who would like to express their support following her class in the employee lounge following her class at 11:30.


Brian Jacoby
The Institute of Production and Recording



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