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2011 IPR Annual Student Survey

2011 IPR Annual Student Survey

We thank all of the students who responded by completing the 2011 IPR Annual Student Survey.  Your feedback is important and a tool used to maintain and improve your IPR educational experience.  Overall the scores for 2011 were better than those of 2010.  This is good news!

In addition, your comments have spurred initiatives for continued improvement.

Admissions – Students wanted more information about job prospects.

  • Career Services Website is under construction and enhancement.
  • Continued cooperation between Career Services and Admissions to get information about job prospects to applicants.
  • New employment numbers are in for the 2008 cohorts
    • Overall – 79% of students who started between January and December 2008 are employed
    • Audio Production & Engineering degree – 78% are employed
    • Music and Entertainment Business – 82% are employed.
    • Students who keep track of successful projects and assignments and take note of skill sets gained while at IPR, can greatly enhance their resume and job search upon completion.
    • Students who plan for and obtain internships find the networking and real-world experience, coupled with their IPR education, to be very helpful in obtaining meaningful post-graduation employment.

Financial Aid – Students have indicated improved communication with staff members.

  • A stable and more seasoned staff helps provide clear communication.
  • CampusConnect (portal) account information is timely and helpful to students.


Education – Students wanted more information about courses that are offered in rotation and variety of courses offered both days and evenings.

  • The Dean of Students will continue to work closely with the Dean of Faculty and Program Chairs to identify and communicate with students about course availability.
  • Complete your Financial Aid packaging early and then register in weeks four or five.  This will ensure the greatest availability and choice of courses.

Student Services – Students continue to feel this department is meeting student needs as they relate to community resources and campus events.

  • Please bring ideas and suggestions for resource development to Student Services staff members.
  • Student Services staff will continue to monitor attendance and implement suggestions for campus activities and events.

Career Services – Students were appreciative of increased contact throughout their IPR education.

  • The career development courses (MB101, MB212, MB222) reinforce early and repeated contact with the department.
  • We need to remind students that Career Services staff members are available from 7:30-6:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8:30 to 5:00 on Friday.  They are also available by appointment and have been known to come in evenings and weekends.

Library – Students were unsure how the library was necessary for their IPR success.

  • The online library never closes. You can access ebooks, ejournals and other e-resources at anytime, from anywhere.
  • The IPR library subscribes to expensive online resources so you don’t have to. Use Celebrity Access to book shows, follow your favorite band and access music news. Sign up for daily, weekly or monthly e-bulletins from Audio Media, Billboard, Pollstar, Digital Video (and more!) to get  news and reviews on audio, lighting and stage, and post equipment.
  • Supplement class lectures by reading up on audio-engineering, sound design and music business from any of our magazines
  • Ask Tina to show you how to use databases to research demographics and trends in the audio, gaming, music and sound design industries throughout the country and the world.
  • Entertain your artistic curiosity and add to your knowledge base by checking out books on photography, graphic  design and post-production sound design and more.
  • What changes, remains the same: trace hip-hop back to blues, through rock, punk, core and grind history and plug in to the roots of electronic music by checking out every CD in the amazing music collection.

Facilities – Students were concerned about messy bathrooms and temperature control.

  • We have implemented a mid-day check on all the bathrooms.
  • Please inform instructors, or a staff member if you are too hot or too cold.  The buildings are old and the temperature is difficult to regulate.  If you tell someone, it will be reported and if possible adjusted.  Remember, if we don’t know, we can’t fix it.

Lab equipment and classroom technology – Students were concerned about broken equipment.

  • It is our goal to ensure all equipment is in working order at all times.  We need both students and faculty to help identify when problems arise. The desktop “Help” button is working.  Please keep reporting broken technology as soon as you encounter it.  This is the best way to make sure it is available when needed.

Thank you again for your comments.  We heard the good things too and appreciate your candor.  There won’t be another survey until next autumn.  In the meantime, share your suggestions, concerns, and great ideas.


Brian Jacoby, Campus Director,

Sue Ferkingstad, Admissions Director,

Jr Hunte, Financial Aid Director,

Rebecca Buller, Dean of Students,

Madeleine Hengel, Dean of Faculty,

Erica West, Student Services Director,

Norbert Kreuzer, Career Services Director,

Michael Simonson, Facilities Director,

Matthew Koehne, Lab Director,



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