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2009 Annual Student Survey Response

Subject: 2009 Annual Student Survey Response

IPR Students:

Thank you for taking time in December to complete the first Annual Student Survey.  Your input is valuable and we take your comments and suggestions seriously. On the whole, most students are pleased and rank IPR facilities and educational and support services highly.  There were several themes that emerged from your comments which highlighted where improvements can and should be made.  Each department has reviewed the survey results and has developed a plan to take action.  What follows is a sample of where we plan to make changes to better serve your educational needs.

  • Facilities – Customer Service will be an ongoing area of training for Lab staff.  The Lab staff has also done a thorough check of Studio 3, changes have been made and now it is in working order.  Broken gear has been tested and sent for repair or scheduled for replacement.  We need students and faculty to help the Lab staff by completing the Tech Sheets with detailed information.  This will help them better respond to concerns.
  • Student Affairs – We heard your concerns about the registration process and we have taken a number of steps to improve the process and reduce the time it should take for students to register.  We have also provided contact information and times for students who want help in choosing courses with our program chairs and with Adam Levy.  Please see the bright pink posters around campus for the details.
  • Library – Did you know that the IPR Library is as much online as it is on campus?  When students need access to library resources at times other than when the library is open, access is just a click away. Tina Halfmann is available to teach students how to access the resources they need.  Our IPR collections are a reflection of student and faculty priorities in the educational process.  If you have suggestions for CDs, DVDs or other resources, please stop by and share your ideas with Tina.
  • Career Services – Incoming students will all be given their own Career Services representative to help them throughout their time at IPR.  The Career Services website will also undergo a major facelift to better serve our students and alumni.
  • Business Office and Financial Aid – Jolene Krieger is working with our technology experts to better format billing statements in an effort to make them more clear.  The Financial Aid office is going to take a number of initiatives to better educate and support students in completing Financial Aid.
  • Student Services – There are a variety of activities and resources available to students through this office,  but not everyone is aware of them.  Student Services staff will take steps to ensure that all new students are made aware of the scope  of resources available.  They will be working to enhance resource availability for non-traditional students and will continue to be responsive to student suggestions for events and activities.
  • Admissions – The admissions team plans to work more closely with  other IPR departments to enhance communication with prospective students from their first communication with IPR.

This is an overview and a sample of our responses to your suggestions.  If you would like more details, please make an appointment to come and talk with me.  I would be pleased to meet with you and continue the dialogue.

Rebecca Buller

Dean of Students

The Institute of Production & Recording

612-375-1900 x158



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