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Student Run Records Hosts Bad Rabbits for New Series TourStop

In conjunction with IPR’s Record Label Administration course, IPR entertainment business students help run a real world record label: Student Run Records. Said label signs independent artists, produces their records, and manages their business affairs. This is an excellent opportunity for IPR students to get involved in the practice of how the music business really works. IPR audio engineering and production students are often able to assist Student Run Records Engineer Paul Bolen with the recording process making this a great opportunity for IPR’s technical students as well. IPR instructor Eric Bull recently gave me the goods on the brand new Student Run Records series: TourStop.

TourStop is a way for professional touring bands to come into a world class recording studio and perform for an hour while being videotaped and tracked for free. Publishing rights to the resulting content is shared by both the artist in question and Student Run Records. This provides an additional promotional tool for both band and label to reach audiences. Student Run Records takes care of all video editing and live performance mixing of the event free of charge. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

There is a TourStop event going on as I write this with band Bad Rabbits (currently on tour with Taking Back Sunday). They’ve got a food spread for the band and guests, and a V.I.P. all access pass is required to attend the event. Student Run Records is stamping the red carpet treatment all over this one; if Bad Rabbits didn’t feel like rock stars before entering IPR’s Master Mix studio, I guarantee they do now.

Bad Rabbits

Photo by Kate Waterloo

Master Mix’s live room was set up for performance; microphones and video cameras were there to document, and people were everywhere. The control room housed Studio Assistants, Recording Engineers, Photographers, V.I.P attendees, and there was definitely a party vibe present in the room. This is probably the busiest I’ve ever seen IPR on quarter break.

If you’d like to learn more about TourStop or Student Run Records, follow the links. If you attended either the June Bug or Bad Rabbits TourStops this week, feel free to tell us more about it and leave a comment here or on the IPR Facebook page.



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