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Soundset 2012 and IPR

IPR’s footprint at Soundset 2012 included rolling out the Rhymesayers Entertainment (RSE) scholarship, audio production tutorials, IPR tent interviews with RSE artists, IPR staff and students recording the Soundset 2012 main stage, and an abrupt weather related festival ending.

The Long View

It was crazy out there. We got a mid-afternoon headcount of 19-20k, and people were still entering the gate as the headcount came in. The weather was extremely hot, but it didn’t stop festival goers from enjoying lots of music, food, graffiti artists, a climbing wall, a skateboard ramp, a car show, t-shirt vendors and more. Main stage announcements to stay hydrated and healthy reminded festival goers to have fun and be safe.

Soundset Graffiti Wall

A rare and exciting scholarship opportunity was rolled out by independent Hip-Hop label Rhymesayers Entertainment this spring and Soundset festival was a great time for  IPR and RSE to showcase the opportunity.

In partnership with IPR, RSE is now offering a full annually awarded scholarship to the IPR applicant who best demonstrates creative aptitude, community involvement, financial need, and awareness and support of the RSE mission. At IPR we share in the community minded RSE mission, and so it made sense that IPR Admissions Representatives were on hand to answer questions about this prodigious new educational opportunity.

James Patrick Rockin Out

JP rock’n the tent

IPR’s Certified Ableton Live trainer James Patrick (JP) assembled a Slam Academy team of credentialed electronic musicians, programmers, and Ableton Live enthusiasts to offer assistance and tutorials to IPR tent guests curious about the type of audio production training IPR offers and wanting to learn more about the media arts.

Slam Academy Crew

Slam Academy crew

JP’s team did a great job of engaging guests and offering them a chance to interact with the latest in electronic music creation and performance technology as each guest could be paired with a team member for individual attention.

The IPR tent featured 9 workstations: 6 with an electronic music focus, 2 with a Pro Tools / audio production focus, and 1 with a digital video focus.

IPR’s Onyx Johnson, A.K.A King Sandman, hosted RSE artists Grieves and Budo, Jake One, and I Self Devine for short interviews throughout the afternoon. RSE artists discussed everything from how they got their start to what they’re working on right now; we even got a chance to see these guys take the stage day of. Special thanks to RSE for working with IPR to make this a possibility.

A little over a week before Soundset, RSE’s Skye Rossi invited IPR to come to Soundset with a small team of teachers and students to record the entire day of Soundset main stage performances. Instructors Jay Fleming and Mike Brown recruited students Justin Smith and Luke Brown for the task resulting in a long commitment for all involved; in the midst of crazy weather extremes Justin and Luke both stuck it out proving themselves worthy assistants with an excellent work ethic.

By roughly 7:00 PM artist Lupe Fiasco was nearly done with his set when the main stage announcement of a tornado warning sent the crowd into a frenzied rush for safety. During the mass exodus a wind and rain storm blew through the area; tornado sirens notwithstanding, there was no real evidence of danger at any time, but festival goers did get wet as they left Canterbury Park.

With the help of IPR volunteers and staff, we were able to pack our van and safely exit the premises within approximately 15-20 minutes. Thankfully, the entire van load of digital video and recording gear made it back to IPR disheveled but in good shape.

Soundset 2012 offered IPR an awesome way to reach the music business, video production, and audio professionals of tomorrow. It also offered us an opportunity to spread the word about the awesome new Rhymesayers Entertainment scholarship available exclusively to IPR applicants.

The following deserve recognition and thanks for their efforts as this was a lot of work, and without all of you IPR could not have taken part in Soundset 2012:

IPR Student Volunteers: Josh Williams, Phillip Moore, Christopher Tianen (Cap), April Wallace, Hannah Aspenson.

Slam Academy team: James Patrick, Isaac Halvorson, Lucas Melchior, AJ Norman, Dylan Howe, Yahn Luke Pikard, Alec Ness, Chester Yourczek, Michael Morrissey, Zach Bleier.

IPR Staff and Faculty: Onyx Johnson, Amanda Kirchner, Tom Frentzos,  Sammy Johnson, Woody Stulberg, Jay Fleming, Mike Brown, Brian Jacoby, Christian Groves (Me), Mike Simonson.

Additional tent gear was  on loan to IPR for the day: Thanks to Paul Heyerdahl of Focusrite / Novation, and Ben Hove of Best Buy.

Student Volunteer

Josh representing



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