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Sharing Our Perspective: SXSW ‘09 Outcomes…

 As the group of students in attendance for SXSW 09 finished sharing their insight from the trip, they explained the types of positive influences the festival supplied, as well as what opportunities were opened for IPR through the festival in Austin.   

The students shared stories about meeting people who hadn’t heard of the Institute, and of their efforts to embrace those interested in pursuing education in audio or entertainment business.  Inquiring minds were given plenty of information while hearing current students’ perspectives.

“We were able to show people what we know, and explain our perspective on IPR” – David Wolfgram

“Quite a few people approached us, asking about what we do, and where we were from. It was fun to talk with the people who were passionate about learning music.”  -Ty Cody

Students took the full range of their experiences back to class to share everything gained from their visit:

“Being part of a student run record label, I visited certain panels to get more information about running and maintaining a label. Since I’m pursuing this as a career, it was vital with the timeline available.” -Lauren Alford

“SXSW opened my eyes to a lot of the different aspects in the music scene here. The best part for me was getting insight from other artists on how they view the industry.” – Odell Sumpter IV

“It was worth the wait, and beneficial to the school, as well as everyone that attended.  The trade show was a great way to have the school recognized by others in the industry.” – Carolyn Gleason



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