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New IPR Facility Under Construction

IPR Campus Director Brian Jacoby took a small group of IPR administration through the new location at 300 First Avenue N., Minneapolis this afternoon.


The new Location

The photos from inside the new facility are a bit of a misnomer because much of what you see will not be left “as is”; there is a lot of framing, detailing, painting, and pretty much all of the acoustical build out yet to be done.

The picture below is from the first floor area where the IPR Pro Audio Outlet / Bookstore will live (right in front of the windows) then a step beyond that, the lab office. In the coming weeks, Just this side of the pillars, you’ll see framing begin for a dub stage, then, next to that, in an area just behind the photo, the framing for studio one will begin.

First Floor Resized

First Floor, Pro Audio Outlet, Sound Stage, Studio 1....

As far as walls go, I saw the most progress on the lower level. When Brian took me on a tour three weeks ago, the lower level was being framed in but the dry wall was still stacked on the floor. Today’s visit revealed the lower level dry walling has indeed commenced.

Lower Level 1 3232012

Framing and dry wall on the lower level

Administrative offices will be on the fifth floor along with the new Robinson Hall. The ceilings up there are really high, and Robinson Hall will be roughly the same size it is now. Since the area was pretty torn up today, all I got was a front desk photo with a burnt out light bulb and a couple of stray Coke cans… but you get the idea.

New Front Desk 2

Fifth floor front desk...

I got my first opportunity to tour the new Green Room space as well. Though the Green Room dining area will occupy approximately the same amount of space it does now, it feels bigger to me. The entire new facility uses space much more efficiently than the 312 Washington Ave. N location, and the Green Room is no exception.

New Green Room 2

Green Room 1

New Green Room 3

Green Room 2

Computer Labs, offices, classrooms, studio facilities, the library, even the Green Room make great use of space and offers a smart, well thought out floor plan.

Remember your first few days in the current IPR building? Even with a map, you’ve got to admit, as a new student navigating the building was tough. Well, you may need a map in the new facility too, but hallways and stairways, pretty much everything, has a blueprint that makes sense. It’s thought out in a way that won’t leave you guessing and you’ll have no problem learning how to get around quickly. You’re going to love it!

Are you as excited about the new facility as we are? Stop by the IPR Facebook and let us know!



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