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Music + Film + Interactive: IPR Attends SXSW ‘09

Every year in early March, over 11,000 professional registrants, thousands of fans for performing acts, and the city of Austin Texas, take part in South by Southwest (SXSW). By day, registrants take part in the Trade Show within the Austin Convention Center containing discussion panels, and booths with presence from around the world. By night, hundreds of musical acts from around the world perform, as the streets of Austin fill, and light up with entertainment.

This year, IPR sent 8 students, and one admissions representative to attend SXSW. The group consisted of students from the Audio Production and Engineering program, as well as the Entertainment Business program that IPR offers. The main goal of the trip was to take advantage of the visibility available at SXSW, allowing others from around the world to see what IPR and it’s students are all about. The school had it’s own Trade Show booth within the Convention Center in Austin, which provided information regarding the school itself, current students, and the school’s record label, “Student Run Records.”

During their six day visit, the group took part in a number of events and opportunities. Below is a list of activities that they were involved in:

  •  Students took part in panels within the Convention Center, covering topics such as: “Artist Question and Answer, A&R Information in 2009, and Innovations in Digital Music.”
  • IPR students approached people on the streets of Austin to communicate the idea behind the school with the public. Students explained their experiences from school, and what they are learning at IPR.
  • Students attended live shows and interviewed participants, to find what people are listening to, and embrace different companies that are building the success of performance.
  • IPR students came away from the festival with pertinent information from relevant artists. Artists were asked for their opinions about the current music industry and marketplace, and for what they have planned for their careers.
  • Various group members met with company representatives in the Trade Show to talk about current internship programs for students.

 The students that represented IPR will be sharing the positive outcomes and experiences from the trip on the IPR website, Facebook, Twitter, and IPR’s other social networks…






“In its 22 years, SXSW has grown from a tiny music festival in the Texas capital into a massive, unavoidable media beast that reflects, discusses and showcases trends in culture and media but also often creates them.” National Post, 3/13/08



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