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Kevin Bowe's dual CD Release Party June 8th @ Varsity Theater

Even if your IPR study track isn’t audio production, you probably know who Kevin Bowe is. Kevin spends most of his time making other people’s music sound great by mixing, tracking, songwriting, producing, and teaching audio production. But this doesn’t leave him much time to be an artist, which is probably the one thing that motivated him to pursue this crazy, fulfilling career path to begin with.

So, IPR is getting the word out to students, faculty, and staff that Kevin’s upcoming, dual CD release party is taking place Friday, June 8th @ the Varsity Theater. Doors open @ 7pm, and the show starts @ 8pm.

IPR students have been offered a unique opportunity to attend the show at a discounted ticket price. Show goers get to see two great artists on one bill: Alison Scott, and Kevin Bowe & the Okemah Prophets. To top it off you can “Like” Kevin Bowe & The Okemah Prophets Facebook page and listen to the entire album free.

Kevin's Album Cover

In a recent interview with IPR, Kevin offered additional info. about his new CD and the double release party:

1.  This release is different than any other you’ve done, so… what makes it special?

It’s different in that it took FIVE YEARS to finish which is totally ridiculous…. but I have many of my favorite musicians in the world helping out on the record so that’s cool. One thing about this record is that I did it totally for myself; I’m not trying to please anyone else and I have no “career” plans hinging on it. This is purely for my own enjoyment. This is the first of my own records that I engineered and mixed myself; Tom Tucker actually mixed my last one quite some time ago.

2.  Tell us a little about the new Alison Scott release as well. What is it that makes this AS release stand out amongst other projects you’ve worked on with her?

It’s much darker; many of the songs are way different than anything she’s cut before re: singing style and the tracks and mixing. It’s her second EP of “covers”; this one has songs by Tom Waits, Elliott Smith and Radiohead among others. 

3.  Did you use any of the same musicians on both projects? Were there any guest musicians?

My band is Steve Price and Peter Anderson, the 3 of us along with James Tyler O’Neill, are Alison’s band. Steve, Peter and I are kind of a “wrecking crew”, we’ve done tons of records for people as a unit. Playing with them is absolutely effortless, I love it. Guests on Ali’s record are Johnny & Molly from Communist Daughter and Chris Koza, both of whom I got to know from working in Mastermix. We also have Desdamona on a song and The Laurel String Quartet (they play with Jeremy Messersmith and others) on Ali’s cover of Elton John’s “Madman Across The Water”.




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