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L.A. Networking Trip Fruitful

During our lunch meeting today, Career Services Director, Norbert Kreuzer was so excited about all the positive connections he, Lance and Brian made in L.A. last week that he could barely stay in his seat. Over the course of three days, they networked with numerous world-class facilities and industry professionals in the music, film, and entertainment industries. They made time to take some graduates to dinner, and to clear a path for some pretty amazing things to come. The trip was positive on all fronts, and this means even better things for future IPR graduates.


Watch for the feature article in next month’s IPR newsletter; you’re going to want to know how hard IPR is working to help make your path to success just that much more accessible. Also, if part of your career goal is to work in L.A., keep your eyes peeled; there’s a lot more to come.



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