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IPR Unveils New Programs in Graphic Design and Digital Video

This quarter IPR began offering two new degree programs to students: an Associate Degree of Applied Science in Interactive Media & Graphic Design and an Associate Degree of Applied Science in Digital Video & Media Production. They join IPR’s already stellar associate degree programs of audio production and engineering, sound design for visual media, and live sound and show production.

Digital Video Program Chair Trey Wodele

In the Digital Video & Media Production program, students will learn skills to create professional video and digital productions, being trained in narrative, commercial and corporate production. Coursework includes learning to light, shoot and edit quality video; develop stories and storyboards; create professional motion graphics and grow as a responsible and well-rounded professional.

“Our production-based degree is really what sets us apart,” says program chair Trey Wodele. “While other programs are focusing on the art of filmmaking, we are preparing students for actual jobs on the set of a film.”

Career opportunities for digital video graduates include positions as association producers, production managers, stage managers, directors of photography, camera operators and directors.

“The process of creating a film, a commercial or a television show is so huge — there are so many people involved in the production that there is a place for everyone,” Wodele says. “We see students lean toward the parts of a production that they feel most comfortable with, and in that way find a place for themselves.”

Graph Design Program Chair Nicole Nelson

Just as exciting is IPR’s new Interactive Media & Graphic Design program. Program chair Nicole Nelson says the Interactive Media program is for “visual problem solvers,” people who love art, design, websites, brands, marketing and photography.

Throughout this program, students will learn skills to design for print and web.  They’ll also study and experience hands-on projects using elements of typography, style sheets, color, page layout, vector software, websites and more.

With these skills, plus a dose of professionalism and career planning, graduates with an IPR Interactive Media & Graphic Design degree will be prepared for careers as graphic designers, graphic artists, production artists, web designers, marketing coordinators and more.

“There are so many different types of businesses that hire graphic and web designers,” Nelson says. “There are big and small companies, ‘mom and pop’ shops, printing businesses, advertising agencies, law and public relations firms and marketing firms — to name a few.”

Exciting new changes are happening at IPR — and more are yet to come!



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