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IPR to Receive ACCSC School of Distinction Award

IPR’s accrediting body the ACCSC has contacted IPR Director Brian Jacoby with the news that IPR has “…met the established criteria and shall receive a 2010-2011 ACCSC School of Distinction Award.” IPR will be honored this September at the 2011 Professional Development Conference Awards Ceremony in Long Beach California:

“The most important measure for this award is the successful completion and employment of students from each program, which we believe is also the most important measure of a career school.  The Accrediting Commission for Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC), was recognized by the National Advisory Committee for Institutional Quality and Integrity (NACIQI) this year, as only one of two accrediting agencies on their June 2011 agenda to earn recommendation for a full five-year term with no additional stipulations.  We are honored to be a part of an organization like ACCSC, who places such a high level of emphasis on quality and even more honored to be recognized for standing out amongst such a prestigious group of institutions.  It is a testament to the enormous commitment our staff, faculty and students, alike, put to achieving the IPR Vision each day.” Brian Jacoby, IPR Campus Director

What makes this award even better is that Norbert Kreuzer, IPR Director of Career Services, was selected to speak on “Career Services-Adapting to the Now Generation” for this same conference.

Many of you may not be aware of the back story surrounding IPR’s college accreditation with the ACCSC, but let’s just say the process took a long time, and it wasn’t until 2007 that we met all ACCSC requirements and received our accreditation. It brings immense value to the table for our students. Having the ACCSC on board provides an opening for students to access federal loan and federal grant monies to help pay for college, but it definitely goes beyond this.

One of the reasons IPR originally chose the ACCSC is because they require a stringent organizational accountability, and a close observation of operational guidelines… lot of big words there. What this means is the ACCSC holds us strictly accountable to meet their organizational requirements for our school or they won’t accredit IPR.

Some colleges, in the same “genre” as IPR, if you will, choose to go with performing arts accreditations because these accrediting bodies don’t typically require as much from an institution. Since its origins, IPR has always sought to “be respected as the finest production, recording, and music and entertainment business school in America”; this is our Vision which, of course, sets the trend for our Mission:

  • To provide the highest standard of education in music and multimedia production, entertainment business, and audio recording technologies.
  • To maintain a cutting-edge curriculum ensuring comprehensive and current educational programs for our students.
  • To provide the entertainment industry with highly skilled graduates who compete nationally and internationally within the fields of entertainment and audio production/engineering.

The idea was to find an accrediting body to best fit with our vision and our mission. We’ve done just that by choosing the ACCSC, and we’re both honored and humbled to receive the 2010-2011 ACCSC School of Distinction Award.



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