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IPR to Celebrate the Life of Late Co-Founder Jack Robinson, November 11th

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Jack Robinson

Allow me to re-introduce you to IPR Co-Founding Father, Jack Robinson. Many of you are aware that Jack was quintessentially important to the birth and establishment of IPR…

…But did you also know?

Jack Robinson was a teacher: helping students to define their powers and abilities. Jack Robinson was a visionary: synthesizing ideas and incorporating breaking technologies while continually exploring new methods of marketing. Jack Robinson was a friend: cultivating relationships with all the lives he touched, and always pushing for the best in people as well as himself. Jack Robinson passed away in 2004, and although his physical presence is gone, his spirit is very much alive here at IPR.

Jack was known throughout the industry as Jack “Blackjack” Robinson, he had over 20 years of experience as an artist, session musician, engineer, producer, studio owner, and educator. His album credits include work with Prince, Larry Graham, Brandy, Monica, Ann Nesby, and Rahzel of the Roots. Countless tours took him across the world as a front-of-house engineer, and around the world as a performer. Jack’s educational experience includes working as a teacher and curriculum developer for The Institute of Production and Recording and Music Tech College as well as his own distance education program: the Electronic Musician’s Workshop (EMW).

Jack owned and operated The Electronic Musicians Workshop, as well as his own recording studio for more than ten years. At EMW he taught music production, audio engineering, music business, music theory, songwriting and digital video production. Jack Robinson’s goals were centered around getting music back on the minds of youth; an inspiration to anyone wanting to get into the industry as a self-created entrepreneur and artist.

We miss you Jack.

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Jack Robinson Memorial Display

As part of the yearly IPR calendar, we recognize the importance of Jack’s birthday: November 11th.  This year’s celebration will include a special evening reception in IPR’s Robinson Hall. Learn more about Jack’s work and experience below:


Institute of Production and Recording – Co-founder, Minneapolis, MN

BlackJack Productions – Owner, President – Minneapolis, MN

EMW Records – President/CEO – Minneapolis, MN

Record Labels: Warner Brothers – MCA – Virgin – Motown – Paisley Park Records – NPG Records – Flyte Tyme Records – EMW Records

Television: TPT – Channel 2 – Channel 9 – FOX – Cable Networks – HBO – VH-1 – ESPN

Artists: Prince – Larry Graham – Ann Nesby – Chaka Khan – Cynthia Johnson – Carmen Electra – Keith Crouch – Brandy – Martin Lawrence – Monica – Tears for Fears – Kiss – Sesame Street Revue – Minnesota Timberwolves – Razel (The Rootz)

Film: Miramax – HBO Pictures – Frontline / Mark Levin – Pat Proft (Producer Naked Gun Series) – Independent Featured Film Projects

Recording Studios: Paisley Park – Flyte Tyme – Oarfin – Tricord – 45RPM – Battery Studios (New York) – Sugar Hill Studio (New York) – Studio 57 (L.A.) – Creation – Blackjack Productions




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