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IPR Joins MSB Richfield for "Panel on Set: The Art of Freelancing"

Thursday, May 19th, 2011 – Do you know what happens when you combine a talented panel of freelance professionals with The 4onthefloor?  I’m not sure either, but it was really cool.

MSB Richfield Creative Media Director, and former IPR graduate, Sam Kovar, fashioned an evening of entertainment and education that was fun and enlightening: “Panel on Set: The Art of Freelancing”.

The 4onthefloor opened the night with their brand of anthemic rock (thanks for that, it was awesome), and panelists Julie Scheer (Digital People), Nate Maydole (Visumm), Steve Horner (Horner Music), Nell Bury (freelance graphic designer) fielded questions about their work and what it takes to succeed in the world of freelance.

Both Julie Scheer and Nate Maydole joined the panel to offer advice on the types of freelance talent they hire, and how to use portfolios and resumes to maximize their impact. Since Scheer hires graphic design artists, she pointed out that it’s best to only include your most recent work and your best work in your portfolio. She argued that since she hires so many freelancers, she doesn’t have time to look through everything an artist has ever done. Maydole claims that he doesn’t really even look at resumes when hiring, but he wants to see what you’ve done and who you’ve done it for. All were in agreement that a portfolio is crucial to a potential employer.

The panel touched on everything from how to work through client rejections to networking through dry spells. Horner and Bury offered advice on how they structure their work lives. Horner even joked about how work might be dried up for days, or even a week or two, but that clients never call one at a time; Bury agreed. They’ve both seen crazy and quiet times on the work front.

All panelists established that networking and building real, sincere relationships with clients and business partners determines the ability of an individual to make a living as a creative freelancer. It can’t always be about generating more business; sometimes it just has to be about building friendships. The work will follow if the relationships are genuine.

Minnesota School of Business (MSB) Richfield hosted “Panel on Set: The Art of Freelancing” at the Broadview building, Studio A;  Sister college The Institute of Production and Recording offered live sound assistance for a unique combining of talents and resources. Both colleges are a part of the Globe Education Network. Special thanks to the talented Michael Brown for his live sounds skills.



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