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IPR Instructor James Patricks' Gamut Gallery Nominated by City Pages as "Best Art Gallery in the Twin Cities"

Gamut Gallery Nominated by City Pages as “Best Art Gallery in the Twin Cities.”

We at IPR are very excited and proud of our Faculty member for this accomplishment, and would like to congratulate him and encourage our readers to click here and vote for Gamut Gallery!

Roots of The Gamut Gallery from Rastermind on Vimeo.

IPR Instructor James Patrick has been an electronic musician for over 15 years.   He started as a warehouse DJ and party promoter in the late 90s, and has now established himself as one of the most influential and in-demand artists in his field.  He has since then built a community of both audio and visual artists around him, pivoting around his rogue sound studio project, called “Slam Factory.”   The Slam Factory has moved about throughout the city for the duration of JP’s career as an artist, but now has found itself realized in an even more effective format; an art gallery that focuses on collaborative and experiential arts.

Through the extensive collaboration in the fields of multimedia, performance, sound design, and more, this intimate artist community has further established Gamut Gallery as a community hub for events in sound and visual art. Hosting student recitals, music demonstrations and clinics, private lessons, gallery exhibits, performance art installations, and full scale all night warehouse concerts, the Gamut Gallery consistently showcases content that is truly thought provoking and community driven, urging the Minneapolis community to participate in each other’s creative experiences.

Upcoming exhibits include:



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