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IPR Hosted Video Production Summer Camp Day 4 (Wk1)

Today’s Video Production summer camp found students individually picking a video scene to edit. Tomorrow, for the wrap up, they’ll be combining the different video clips and polishing up the audio for the finished product.

Josh and Jimmy (Instructors) were excited to report that some students had begun doing some post-audio work without being prompted. Though they do not plan to dig deep into post-production, in the interest of time, Josh and Jimmy do plan a brief lesson on using sound effects in film/video for tomorrows wrap up.

So what else happened?

One student did some ADR (Automated Dialog Replacement). This is the process by which dialog recorded via the video camera (i.e. on set) is replaced by voice actors in the studio. This helps cut down on unwanted mix anomalies a camera’s mic. can pick up on set. It also gives the Mix Engineer more control over the audio in a film. Instructor Jimmy Watkins offered that this was a good one on one teaching moment for the student who did the ADR, “He was a little more introverted than other students, and this really got him involved”, Jimmy said.

It turns out the student who created the video “theme song” (yesterday) created a new piece today for a fight scene. A budding film composer?  Perhaps.

Another student took the time to edit up a bloopers reel to be included as video outtakes for additional DVD content.

The Video Production summer camp week is coming to a close, and I can’t wait to see the results. Come back tomorrow for the final report!



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