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IPR Hosted Video Production Summer Camp Day 3 (Wk1)

Weds. Day 3 – Today was a very productive day, according to our instructor comrades extraordinaire (aka Josh Burdette and Jimmy Watkins).

To make the most efficient move possible, Josh and Jimmy split their video production group in half. Josh kept his students busy editing in C-Lab 3 while Jimmy took the other group to finish up filming a few scenes. Everyone seems to be having a blast so far, and Josh and Jimmy are directing this project with the philosophy that each student is unique; they’re making sure to get all students involved in areas where they seem to be showing natural interest. Examples?

One student didn’t want to be on camera, but he’s a tech kid and he wanted to focus on being a camera op. and video editor. Another student had no interest in editing, so he asked if he could create music for the film in Garage Band. The Instructors are working hard to make sure all students are really learning something.



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