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IPR Hosted Video Production Summer Camp Day 2 (Wk1)

Fresh news From the Video Production summer camp – Instructors Jimmy Watkins and Josh Burdette came by to give me the skinny on today’s filming. “They’re a pretty creative group…” says Jimmy, and Josh agreed. Both added that they’ve approached the script with the idea that the group will decide the results of a conversation or a scene and improvise the rest. So far the students are rising to the challenge.

Josh and Jimmy claimed that there are a few students in this group that are a little more reserved than the rest, but they’re the ones who are focused more on the technical side of filming; so it works out great for the entire team. The Instructors have been impressed with the non-stop ideas and participation this group is giving to the project.

For Tomorrow, the plan is to split the group so half can finish filming, and the other half can begin the editing process. This group is about to learn just how much work video production can be. We wish you luck in the coming days!

Come back tomorrow to get the details of the daily update (we hope to have more pictures then).



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