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IPR Hosted Video Production Summer Camp Day 1 (wk 2)

Jimmy and Jab are back for another week of Video Production Summer Camp. Day one went something like this:

There are more girls than guys this time around, which really changes the dynamic. Jimmy says the girls took much more responsibility for organizing the creative part of this than guys did for the first Video Production Summer Camp two weeks ago. They were concerned about things like setting and time period, and, in the interest of their limitations, they decided to base their short film in the classroom.

In this week’s video the story takes the lead. Picture this… it’s summer school, and students are challenged with the charge of learning to have fun and communicate without their electronic devices. The classroom door is locked, and they can’t leave until they’re let out at the end of the day. Once they realize they can have fun without video games and cell phones, they also discover the classroom door is unlocked and they were free to go all along. I’m interested – sounds like there is potential for a good short story to unfold here.

Jab and Jimmy feel that filming may only take one day. This will allow them the opportunity to dig into editing and mixing in a little more detail this time. Come back for more updates!



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