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IPR Hosted Audio Production Summer Camp

Welcome to summer camp update week 2 with Josh Burdette and Jimmy Watkins. When we last checked in with our guys, they were finishing up a great week of video production training with another group from the U of M summer camps. This week they’re going to put the cameras away in favor of mixing boards and microphones.

Day 1 found the new group learning signal flow basics and microphone types and uses. Students also broke into groups to determine roles and which songs they plan to record. That’s right, I said “songs”, plural. This group intends to record four different songs – possibly even from four different genres. Daunting, right? Josh and Jimmy have it all under control. But, guys, don’t your students have to know how to play instruments if you’re going to record something?

It turns out every student but one plays an instrument and plans to perform on the recording. Trumpet, clarinet, keyboard, guitar, and drums are all represented, and students will learn how use MIDI (Music Instrument Digital Interface) programming to add additional musical elements to their productions. They’ve definitely got a busy week ahead of them.

As a service to campers and parents, you may check this blog daily to learn what’s going on. And, if we can work it out, you may actually see pictures of the process posted as well. Until tomorrow, hello and goodbye!



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