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IPR Hosted Audio Production Summer Camp Day 2 (wk1)

Today’s Audio Production summer camp went well, as is to be expected.  Josh Burdette and Jimmy Watkins (Instructors) lead their group through vocal tracking for three songs. Campers took turns running the board and recording software in Studio 3. Yesterday’s lesson on microphone technology came in handy today as the Instructors discussed microphone choice, and the students actually knew what they were talking about!

Campers were hard at work in a state of the art, fully equipped digital studio. Campers whose parents are curious about the gear their kids are working on can do a little research here: Icon (digital control surface – looks like a mixing board) , Pro Tools software (industry standard recording software). At IPR we strive to maintain the most technologically advanced recording systems available, and we make every effort to ensure the most up-to-date software is installed on all our Pro Tools systems (even in our computer labs). Campers can seek advice from their Instructors on how to get started with a home recording setup – Avid makes some great home computer Pro Tools systems.

Tomorrow’s camp will find one group of students mixing and editing today’s vocal sessions. This group will be comprised of the students who sang their vocal parts to track today! The second group will be involved in tracking drums, guitars… basically anything else that will be a part of their final recording. Instrument tracking will be done in Studio 3, while mixing is done in one of eight other pro quality IPR studios.

Jimmy says the assignment for tonight is that musicians go home and practice their parts for tomorrow’s tracking. Please check back tomorrow for the daily summer camp update.



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