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IPR Hosted Audio Production Summer Camp Day 3 (wk 2)

Day 3 finds our Instructors (Jimmy Watkins and Josh Burdette) tilling new educational ground with their budding audio students!

Group 1 spent time tracking drums in studio 3. Often the most intricate part of recording, drums are pretty tough to get right. When it comes to tracking, drum kits require more resources (i.e. microphones, preamps, mixer channels, and tracks in Pro Tools) than most other instruments, and drums pose unique audio challenges with phase cancelation and mic. bleed (a.k.a spill) that other instruments may not. On top of this, most Engineers and Producers typically require a studio drummer to play alongside a click track (metronome) in the studio. Because drum audio requires quite a bit more time to edit than other audio, it’s nice to have drums played as close to a fixed bpm (beats per minute) as possible. This can be especially frustrating for those getting their first experience tracking drums. Jimmy claims his drummer struggled a bit to get used to the click, but they did get keeper takes that they plan to edit only when needed.

Group 2 worked on vocal overdubs and mixing in studio 4. Instructor Josh Burdette said his vocalists wanted to sing on the same mic. yesterday, but today they decided to redo the vocals in better isolation. To sweeten the track, the group vocal may be present in the final mix. After getting keeper takes with his vocalists, Josh took time to teach the use of equalization, compression, reverb, gain control and how each affects a vocal mix. He mentioned that one of his vocalists asks lots of Pro Tools questions, and has gotten to the point where she can pretty much run a Pro Tools session on her own.

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