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IPR Early Fall 2011 Orientation

Admissions Director Sue Ferkingstad sends special thanks out to the parents and families who attended orientation for the incoming Early Fall class; this one had a high attendance. Because this group has done such an excellent job staying on top of their admissions paperwork, new student orientation moved along at a very healthy pace Saturday. Kudos to the Admissions team as well; they put a lot of effort into making sure their candidates were sticking to deadlines.

Dean of Students, Rebecca Buller was also impressed with the incoming group. Something as unassuming as students showing early to orientation sets a strong precedent; several students were here before 7:40 a.m. This definitely speaks to the quality and effort we hope to see students exhibit in the coming quarter.

One student was excited to learn that Career Services has IPR graduates placed all over the country. If you need more information on exactly what students are up to, please take a look at the IPR alumni blog to read a few of the graduate success stories posted there. Career Services has a great team of people working very hard to make sure IPR grads. are landing with employers that are a good match for their training. If you’d like assistance securing part time work while you’re a student, please contact Career Services for help.



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