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IPR and The U of M Celebrate 5 Years of Summer Youth Programs


The Institute of Production and Recording is celebrating our fifth year as a partner with The University of Minnesota in providing media arts education.  The U of M offers one of the largest summer youth enrichment programs in the country with thousands of annual participants across a myriad of subjects including sports, academics, and professional development.  IPR is once again teaching classes in Audio Recording for youth ages 12-15.  During each single week course, students perform, record, and mix their own audio CD while discussing related technology, the recording process, and elements of the music business.   Many parents have commented about how empowering and encouraging the program has been for their children.  So far, we’ve probably worked with over 250 students and the Sound Recording offering has been one of the most popular classes the University has ever offered in their 15 years of summer enrichment.

This year we’re even offering a second subject – Digital Cinema, wherein groups of young people are acting, shooting, and directing their own short DVD.

Adding to this experience, all of these courses are being taught by IPR graduates hired by the U of M: Kristen Schmitigal, Evan Backe, Ashley Thompson, and Emily Schultz.



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