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IPR and Rhymesayers Entertainment to Announce Scholarship at Soundset Festival

IPR, The Institute of Production and Recording, is excited to remind you that WE WILL HAVE A TENT @ SOUNDSET 2012 this Sunday May 27th: We want to see you there too!

The IPR tent will host free Audio Production tutorials with James Patrick and his crew: Lucas Melchior (“MKR” of IPR and Slam Academy), AJ Norman and Dylan Howe (World Class Art Thieves – Dubstep and Remix Champions!), Isaac Halvorsonn (IPR songwriter/producer), Yahn Luke Pikard (Glitch Hop Master), Alec Ness (IDM/future beat producer), Chester Yourczek (Composition MFA and “Sex Burger” Lead man, synth programmer and songwriter), Michael Morrissey (Slam Academy software programmer and Max/MSP and Reaktor instrument designer), Zach Bleier (Dance music prodigy).

IPR’s SOUNDSET tent will also have a few surprise extras that we can’t talk about yet. Come see us day of.

SOUNDSET is widely known as one of the nation’s largest Hip Hop festivals and this year’s roster is very impressive.

Rhymesayers Entertainment (RSE), indie hip hop label and organizer of SOUNDSET festival, is a close friend and community partner with IPR, and this year is a groundbreaking year for both of us. We’re announcing RSE’s full-tuition scholarship to IPR, which they plan to award annually each late fall quarter. This prestigious scholarship is granted to the applicant who best demonstrates creative aptitude, community involvement, and an awareness and support of the mission of Rhymesayers Entertainment. Applicants must also demonstrate financial need.

Please visit the IPR tent at SOUNDSET (see the map below) to learn more about this prestigious, community minded scholarship opportunity.

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