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Giving Kids The Experience of a Lifetime

IPR’s Brian “Champtown” Harmon gave kids the experience of a lifetime in a local anti-gang prevention program in St. Paul’s East Side this Wednesday. Champ has taken on a mentor role in changing children’s lives through sharing his own experiences and choices and talking with them about creating the futures they want out of what they have now, even if it’s next to nothing. Champ’s Detroit Gangland history and his success in the music industry through better judgment, is a wonderful example for the children in these programs and he has recently taken his ability to step in and guide children with similar backgrounds to his own, very seriously. The Detroit rapper has a long history of reaching out to kids on the streets and has no intention of slowing down.

“I’m just getting started – When you know you have the ability to affect someone in a positive way and open their mind to new choices and new possibilities, it’s your job to do it; you should feel honored and I do.” ~ Brian “Champtown” Harmon

A serious Q & A session.

The kids lined up for Champ’s autograph after he spoke. 

Champ and Chelsea Starr talking with the program directors after the show. 



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