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Audio Production Instructor Kevin Bowe Live @ the Varsity Theater Tonight

Audio production Instructor Kevin Bowe is celebrating the release of his first album in ten years tonight; because Kevin spends most of his time making records for other artists, this is also an album that took him a very long time to make (5 yrs). So, it’s kind of a big deal, and it’s an important night for Kevin Bowe & the Okemah Prophets.

Kevin has done audio production work for artist Alison Scott who will also be celebrating the release of her latest project (produced by Kevin). This double release party is at the Varsity Theater tonight, Friday June 8th: doors open @ 7pm, and the show starts @ 8pm. Tickets available here.

Kevin Duluth

Kevin sent me this quick piece about his show tonight:

“Well I feel like it’s prom night…… years of preparation for a few short moments of pleasure….. but I’m very excited. Peter Anderson, Steve Price and I have been rehearsing a lot and I’m more prepared for this gig than anything I’ve done live in a long time.

We have some really cool guest stars sitting in and that always makes it way more fun. Plus I get to show off and bring a bunch of different guitars for different songs. Steve has worked out some great vocal harmonies and we have Peter singing now as well which is no easy trick while playing the drums. When there are only 3 of you up there then every part of the buffalo must be used.

I know there will be a lot of IPR people in the crowd and I appreciate that in advance. This is just the start, I plan on taking this album to Europe for a tour and wherever else might work out.”

– Kevin

Kevin's Album Cover



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