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Are You a Horn Player? Eddie Ciletti Needs Your Help!

eddie ciletti

Lft to Rt: Strawberry, Eddie Ciletti

Eddie’s AE 240 class recently recorded the rhythm track for Yellow Submarine (link to rhythm track below).  They’re looking for students to contribute pre-recorded horn parts (in the ‘marching band’ section from 1:06 to 1:12).  please submit prerecorded horn tracks in this format: pan the original rhythm track to one channel only (left, for example) of a redbook CD (preferred) and sub-mixing horn ODs (overdubs) to the other channel OR by posting a full resolution downloadable file in the same format (rhythm track on one channel ODs on the other) online before Monday, November 21st.

Please email all questions and responses to Eddie Ciletti:

Eddie’s class is also looking for marching cymbals, either to borrow or as a separate OD – same section, quarter note splashes.  The same directions apply.    

 Eddie thanks you in advance.



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