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7 Reasons to Check Out IPR

IPR recording studiosThe Institute of Production and Recording (IPR) in downtown Minneapolis offers a hands-on educational experience for the Entertainment industry. Founded in 2002, IPR offers associate degree programs in Audio Production & Engineering, Sound Design for Visual Media, Live Sound & Show Production, Music & Entertainment Business, Interactive Media & Graphic Design and Digital Video Production.

If you have a passion for Music, Entertainment and multimedia, here are seven great reasons to check out IPR:

1.  Faculty with Gold and Platinum records, GrammysTM, EmmysTM and more

IPR boasts 50 instructors that are all currently working in the field – several of whom are “high-profile” teachers: Grammy winners/nominees, Platinum/Gold record recipients, Clio and Cannes award recipients, Certified “Expert” level instructors and/or other nationally recognized/published experts in their field. Between these high-profile instructors, they have over 150 Gold, Platinum and Grammy-award winning records to their credit. Our faculty also includes multiple AVID Certified Instructors who are specialists in Pro Tools, as well as many more instructors with a wide variety of expertise in the entertainment industry.

IPR’s experienced, award-winning teachers can teach you how to be a professional by learning from their experiences and successes. Our curriculum is reviewed quarterly and carefully crafted by IPR professionals with a long list of credentials of working with some of the most popular artists of our time.

2. Hands-on learning in labs and studios from day 1

IPR students have the opportunity to work on our equipment from day one – both inside and outside the classroom environment. IPR has 7 recording studios and over 120 computer workstations that serve as classrooms and training areas. Students also have the chance to work on their own personal projects and/or record their own music (unlike many other recording schools), and there are no additional hourly rates or rental fees.

Students are exposed to a wide variety of cutting-edge software at IPR. Whether you’re mixing a song, doing sound effects for a movie, crafting CD cover art, or shooting and editing a music video, IPR students get their hands on the gear to get the experience they need.

3. 8:1 student-teacher ratio in studio classes

Students get personal attention from instructors with Gold and Platinum records, Grammys TM, Emmys TM and more in our professional studios. Our mentoring philosophy provides for plenty of hands-on guidance, and small class sizes ensure that students get the knowledge they need.

4. Generous open lab and studio time 24/7

With 24/7 access to all this equipment – for 18 to 24 months – it gives students the opportunity to experiment, practice, create, produce, develop their own artistic style, and simply get good. That’s what IPR is all about – to help get the experience you need to get hired and move up in your career.

IPR studio

5. Certified training in Avid Pro Tools, Apple Logic Pro, Ableton Live

IPR offers certifications for a variety of the most commonly-used software programs and hardware products in the music and entertainment arts industry.

While students get exposed to most major software used in the multimedia industry, IPR offers certified training for those that want  specialized credentials and expertise. IPR was actually the first institution in the world to be an Ableton Live Certified Training Center. We also offer multiple certification levels in AVID Pro Tools, Apple Logic Pro, and Microsoft Office.

6. Continuous Job Placement Assistance for graduates

IPR is one of the few multimedia schools in the country that offers Job Placement assistance. Now does that mean that we can “guarantee” a job? Of course not – but what it does guarantee is that IPR is going to be there to assist you – whether you’re looking for a job or to start your own business – we’ll stand behind you.

Graduates always have access to the Career Services department, where you can connect to the Career Services website to find paying job and internship leads all over the country and around the world. We offer help with your job search, resume, job interview skills, and you can utilize our entertainment industry contacts and connections.

7. Student run record label

IPR’s own student-run record label, Sudden Media, is a modern record label and media company that is run and managed by IPR Students and mentored by an IPR Faculty member. There are real artists, real contracts, real content to put online, make sales, secure copyright, design merchandise and logos, create music videos, and more.

If your dream is to own your own record label, getting involved in the IPR label is a valuable and priceless experience. Where else do you find that?

The Next Step

There’s a lot more to consider when choosing a school, but these are all topics that are vital in our opinions. It’s all about employability – and we’re confident that IPR can help you get the variety of skills that you need to be marketable and employable.

If you have the passion and dedication for getting into a career in Multimedia, then IPR can help you get the knowledge and experience needed for getting the jobs you’ve been dreaming about.

Call your IPR Admissions Representative at 866-477-4840 now to arrange a personal interview to find out more about your goals, and see if IPR could be a good fit for you.




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