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Ready, Set, Rehearse: Regina Spektor at IPR


By Trey Palmer

It has been said that when an opportunity comes your way, you should take it and MAKE IT WORK. On Tuesday September 8, 2009 it was my time to take that motto and put it into action.  I received a call from IPR’s Artist and Industry Relations Coordinator and friend Brian “CHAMPTOWN” Harmon and was asked if I could find and arrange a live rehearsal session for big time and successful recording artist Regina Spektor.  As soon as I heard the name I automatically thought opportunity, and without hesitation accepted the challenge. This immediately became my number one priority, especially since I only had a time period of 48 hours to have everything locked and ready to go.  Once specifics were given to me through her tour manager I hit the phones, got schedules, and managed to squeeze in 3 to 4  brief meetings in order acquire what I needed.


By Thursday 1:00pm I had all the gear that was necessary and a more than exceptional rehearsal space booked out.  At 4pm sharp I received the phone call that the band and crew had arrived and were ready to go. The band had everything in place and was ready to jam within the first 30 minutes. A couple of songs were run through and by 5pm Regina had pulled up and got to work.   Once they began I went to into to the control room and relaxed as Regina’s love and true passion for “the music” filled the performance area. The constant smiling and dancing to the multi-genre influenced tunes lasted for an awesome 3 hours. After all was singed and done I got to speak with Regina and am proud to say that her personality and work ethic are without a doubt the reasons why she is where she is today. We all took photos, and I also was given valuable information that will greatly benefit me as I continue to move forward in my musical career. This is an experience that will be impossible to forget.



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