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Promoting Your Music: More Innovation, Less Stagnation!

Today’s entertainment marketplace is crowded one, jam packed with hard working artists vying for attention.  To complicate matters further, the attention span of potential consumers is decidedly short;  many are effectively desensitized to most forms of marketing due to a perceived over saturation of the modern world with advertising messages.  And yet…there are more people than ever before who are excited about music.  These are people who want  to stay up to date with the musicians they already know and love…who are excited to discover new music which speaks to them on some level…who may even feel that their tastes help to define the very essence of who they are and how they represent themselves to the world!  In short, there exist vast multitudes of existing and potential fans who would love to be marketed to directly, though they would likely never think of it in those terms.

Imogen Heap speaks directly to fans in an endearingly authentic manner; her enthusiasm for the new music she has created is contagious and will certainly help to build anticipation for the album release.

So, how can artists achieve this goal in an effective way without feeling overwhelmed by the dizzying array of options available?

Step 1: Identify Your Goals (Be Specific) – What aspect of your brand / project are you trying to promote?  An entire album, a single, a tour , a website?  Focus on this rather than spreading your efforts across multiple targets.

Step 2: Determine who you want to reach and how you will reach them – knowing the habits and tastes of your intended demographic will aid in deciding which options to explore

Step 3: Make a plan and stick to it – you will never know which tactics are successful and a good fit for you until you see them through to completion.

Step 4: Remain genuine – when fans find artists who they feel are “keeping it real” a natural urge to share their discovery often leads to word of mouth recommendations

An examination into how Trent Reznor employs surprising and cutting edge tactics to engage his fanbase…

Once these strategies are in motion, stay updated on whenever you or your music are mentioned online by setting up a google alert to inform you of relevant results.  You can also employ the search features of twitter to find conversations relating to your genre and engage with potential fans directly.

Finally, remain on the look out for opportunity, even from unexpected sources.  Treat all the individuals you encounter on your rise to prominence with respect, you never know who might open the next proverbial door for you.  For a quirky example of this in action, consider the approach taken by makers of the Slap Chop product.  When they became aware of a hilarious Autotune remix of their ad which was gaining in popularity, they not only allowed it but also made it into an actual television commercial; both actions are likely to have endeared them to a previously untapped market segment.  Although not a music based example, this highlights an important tactic: stay aware of chances to get your content actively shared and spread, this remains the quickest way to reach a large online audience in a short period of time.

Rather than view the HILARIOUS Autotune remix of their ad as infringement, the Slap Chop folks have embraced it!



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