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Music Business DIYr's Black Church Service Visit IPR

By Cheyenne Brandt

Friday, January 13th – Today’s music business installment, filled with rock hair and loud guitars, shook the walls of Robinson Hall to the sound of Minneapolis rock ‘n’ roll quartet, Black Church Service. These rockers pull from a wide-ranging blend of influences to craft their unique sound that is part rock ‘n’ roll and southern blues, infused with a dash of classic punk rock a la Ramones and The Clash. The Service often expands its core lineup of Tyler, Adam, Joe and Matt to incorporate more instruments and styles into the performance. As lead vocalist and guitarist Tyler said, “If you play the washboard well, we want you in the band. We want this to be an orchestral experience. A church service, if you will.”

BCS 1_by_KateWaterloo

Black Church Service (Photo By Kate Waterloo)

IPR students, as well as anyone else aspiring to a career in the music business, can take a lot from the band’s incredible work ethic. These guys really know what it takes to be successful in the business of music. On top of band practices that last any where from 2 to 7 hours, each of the members puts in about 50 hours a week at work and school.

Recently, Black Church Service completed recording their self titled EP at the legendary Terrarium right here in Minneapolis, and after a few shows in promotion of the EP, they are going to get right back in the studio. There just “ain’t no rest for the wicked”, as most of us in the biz are familiar with. All of their hard work is certainly paying off and the EP is hot off the press and to be officially released at their 7th Street Entry gig, Saturday, January 21st.

BCS 2_by_KateWaterloo

Black Church Service (Photo By April Wallace)

Admission is $3 for IPR students, so get out there and support your local rock “n” roll, and remember, “If you want to play music, you have to go to Church. A Black Church. Because that’s where you learn how to put soul into music,” – Muddy Waters.

IPR’s DIY 360 series is a weekly educational event that blends performance and do-it-yourself know how to teach music business survival in context of an ever-evolving industry. We at IPR want to prepare our graduates with every possible tool for music business success.





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