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Music Business DIY'r Dan Israel Visits IPR

By Cheyenne Brandt

Friday, January 20th 2012 – Music Business DIY’r and award winning singer/songwriter Dan Israel offered DIY onlookers an acoustic set featuring songs spanning his 15 + year career.

Not only is he unabashedly honest in presentation, Israel’s songs pair pleasant hooks with lyrics rooted in real life industry experience. And the life of a “rock star” is not always glamorous.

Dan Israel at DIY

Dan Israel performs @ IPR’s DIY 360 (Photo by April Wallace)

Music business success may sometimes include multi-platinum sales and Beverly Hills mansions, but Israel has found that regional and local successes are equally important. It was through honest, personal perspective that he earned the Minnesota Music Award in 2005 for song of the year, and again in 2006 for songwriter of the year. As he put it, “It’s like I got fed up with everything and I wrote all of these songs about how fed up I was, and people felt connected.”

When people feel connected to an artist’s music, they support said artist through sales and show attendance. And this connection has turned Israel into a true music business, DIY success story.

He started recording on a 4 track in college and self-released his first record. 20 years and 11 albums later, it’s safe to call him a DIY pro. In spite of all the curve balls life and the music business have thrown his way, he remains a steadfast self-promoter.

Israel understands multiple income streams are the path to longevity; despite income from shows, CD’s and t-shirts, he holds all his own publishing rights, and is starting to license some of his music for use in other media.

You can catch Dan Israel playing solo at the Aster Cafe, St. Anthony Main on February 9th @ 9 PM with John Swardson and Ashleigh Still (Cover is $7). For more information about his music and upcoming shows, you can check Dan’s website here.



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