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Letting Out The Inner Four Year Old:Blink-182 Return to Form

Written By: Derek “New York” Doyle

There are those who doubt the power Blink-182 still holds in the 21st Century.  Can a threesome of immature So-Cal punks still relate to a general audience that has now moved on to graduating college and starting their own separate careers.

As someone who grew up on Blink, and as a writer who remains neutral in every position I can tell you with every drop of Irish blood in my body that the five years Blink took off to  creatively “find themselves” has paid off.  After last seeing them in 2003 before they broke up you could see the chemistry had left the band.  Fly forward to a week ago for their headlining performance at the Xcel Energy Center and the friendships are back.  The energy has returned, and Blink is in prime form.

Even opening act Fallout Boy (who I have repeatedly protested for years) managed to move and impress me.  With all the drama and indecision that fill our world, Blink 182 managed to put on a punk rock circus, to remind us that with all the troubles we face as a generation, there’s still room to laugh, grab a beer, and enjoy life.

Many of the band give credit to the life threatening plane crash that Travis Barker was involved in eight months back killing everyone on board except for him and Las Vegas deejay DJ AM.  Watching Barker tackle his drum set like his own separate symphony it’s hard to believe that less than a year ago he fought of death, only to return with twice the energy and enthusiasm he showed in his younger years.

For those of us who remember “The Mark, Tom, and Travis Show,” we might as well re-title it” The Travis Show” – at this point, he has become the star of the show.  Opening the encore by being lifted twenty feet above the stage and rotating all around the main stage he managed to mix up hip hop artists like Jay-Z, Juvenile, and Xzibit as if he were a top billed Brooklyn deejay.  Mark Hoppus spoke best when he compared Travis to a prime example of the films 9 ½ Weeks and Die Hard being combined.  He has taken slack over the years for coming across more as a rap star than a drummer, but seeing him live you cannot deny the talent he has conditioned for himself.

Between the two front man as well, you could see the love behind Mark Hoppus and Tom DeLonge blossoming back like an ex-couple running into each other at a random house party and remembering the good times.

Many bands I grew up on have been touring this summer.  No Doubt, Green Day, Rancid…but Blink.  Blink 182 is back to enjoying what they do best.  Helping us forget the daily frustrations and letting the four year old come out and play.  Even if it’s only for two hours.



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