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IPR Entertainment Business – DIY 360 with No Bird Sing

Friday,  MaY 13th 2011 – IPR’s DIY 360 welcomed to Robinson Hall the talents of Minneapolis hip-hop group No Bird Sing.  Rising stars, Joe Horton (lead MC), Bobbby Mulrennan (guitar), and Graham O’Brien (drums) shared with IPR students the makings of a successful artist in this new music industry, echoing the words of the late Michael “Eyedea” Larsen that “Creativity is being 6’2”, and you need to be 6’3”, and figuring out how to grow an inch”. You have to be too short every time, and the only way to make sense is if I grow an inch in the process.” Applause then filled the room as MC Joe explained the reasoning for the lack of profanity in his lyrics. Joe stated that he feels curse words can be a bit of a “crutch” and when used frequently, the song loses its meaning.

Throughout No Birds Sing’s time at DIY they gave a window into band life. Joe Horton shared that teamwork goes into everything the three accomplish, be it songwriting, promoting, or even business dealings.With their ideals and hard work, the trio seemed wise beyond their years, proving to the packed room that they have a long career ahead of them.



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