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Interview With DJ SoulFeather


So SoulFeather, give us a brief history of your DJing career.

I started DJing in my bedroom and at random house parties when I was going to the University of Minnesota in Duluth. Eventually I got a weekly gig at the Red Star in Duluth. When I moved to Minneapolis I was kind of lost at first, but the DJ community in this city is so welcoming that it didn’t take long to get a few random gigs here and there. Now I host Saturday nights at the Caterpillar Lounge and play other various nights around Minneapolis.

Your selection of tracks and your record collection is pretty diverse. Where does this wide array of musical taste stem from?

That’s a good question… I remember playing my Mom’s Aretha Franklin CDs over and over as a kid and I think that really opened my mind up to the power of music. Aretha has so much soul that even at a young age I knew her music was important. In high school I was a huge Phish head and a bit of a hippie, haha. The jam band scene was my first taste of a musical community and I loved it. Then my taste gravitated towards the more electronic groups like the New Deal, STS9, Particle etc. That lead to house music and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’m always excited when I hear something I’ve never heard before, and I gravitate towards those sounds which truly move me.

Tell us about Duluth and your residency at Red Star. How did that come about?

Red Star is really the only bar/club in Duluth that consistently books House & Funk DJs so I hung out there a lot. Eventually I thought my mixing skills and musical selection were up to par so I put a mix together and submitted it to the manager.  Later that night I got a call back and the manager said that DJ Nola (now a good friend & one of my favorite DJs) had seen my tracklist for the mix & liked it so they invited me to play a few records that Friday. I vividly remember when I played my first track a group of people instantly started dancing. From then on I was absolutely hooked on DJing.

Your residency at Caterpillar Lounge on Saturdays, Can you tell us a little about those nights, the vibe, people, etc?

Yeah, I currently host Saturday nights at the Caterpillar Lounge. I love that gig. I have guest DJs throw down with me each week which is a ton of fun and it provides for a bit of a different vibe every Saturday. The Caterpillar Lounge is an interesting spot because it’s very much of a lounge atmosphere, but people love to pack the small dance floor and get down. Every once in a while we’ll get a few break-dancers on the floor and that really ignites the night. On an average Saturday night at the Caterpillar Lounge you’ll hear deep, bumpin’ house mixed with old school funk and disco.

You are currently enrolled at IPR, can you give us some insight on your goals with these studies and what your future goals are?

I am studying engineering, post production and music business at IPR and I love every second of it. My passion is and always has been music so after graduating from UMD with a philosophy degree and not knowing how in the world to apply it I, decided to follow my passion and pursue a career in music. I’m learning a lot about the music business as well as marketing and promotion which I am really interested in, but my focus is on post production. In the future I would like to record/engineer sound (music, sound effects, Foley, dialogue etc) for television and films.


Tell us your 3 favorite local DJs that are up and coming. What do they spin and why do you like them?

Honestly I can’t name just 3. Actually I probably couldn’t name just 20 of my favorite local DJs because they’re all so freaking great in their own way. I love the DJs in this city.

Who are some of the labels or house music producers that are really making you excited about house music?

I must say that every Nate Laurence and Scrubfish track I hear I’m blown away. Those guys know what they’re doing and they do it well.

SoulFeather will be bringing it this Saturday, November 7th in the VIP room alongside myself, Nate Laurence and Bryan Gerrard for “A Local’s Guide to Trainwreckin’”. Be sure to come out and get down! Its only a $5 show, but if you email HotDish (, we will get you on the list for reduced admissions! Plus free crossover to TOO MUCH LOVE. How can you fail?

interview by: J Matthews

Originally Published on: Jack The Box – The Midwest At Night



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