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Chickenfoot at Myth

Written By: Derek “New York” Doyle

There are few things I label in life as incredible.  The boroughs of New York, incredible.  Heath Ledger’s role as The Joker, incredible.  I’m so strict with the word incredible I wouldn’t even apply it to The Hulk.  Iron Man on the other hand…the point I’m getting to is I recently came home from seeing Chickenfoot at The Myth.  For those of you who don’t follow the ever-changing music industry, Chickenfoot consists of Sammy Hagar, Joe Satriani, Michael Anthony, and Chad Smith.  If I have to even further describe each member’s accomplishments you need to turn off your top 40 radio station and visit a local record store before iTunes shuts them down and learn a thing or two.  So, from someone who normally withholds from using the “I” word, I can tell you with every Irish bone in my body: Chickenfoot is incredible.  Now, I can’t speak on what little recordings I’ve heard of them to say whether or not their album reflects as much energy, but experiencing them live reminds what it was like to see a show before drum machines were created.

Hagar, 61, showed no sign of his age as he covered every inch of the stage, almost emotionally touching every member of the audience.  Usually having an all ages show can tend to threaten the intensity of a show, but Chickenfoot took on the challenge and managed to move everyone in the crowd, with ages ranging from thirteen to some older than Sammy himself.  Watching Satriani and Smith battle it out for center of attention was like watching Steven Tyler and Joe Perry battle it out for the title of “Ageless and Cool.”  None of the band showed any sign that they are the work hounds of the music industry, a throwback to a time when artists were excited to be on stage.  A show like Chickenfoot brings in memories of seeing such classic performers as Bruce Springsteen and Prince.  They remind us that a great concert filled with passion, excitement, and beer can be better than church.  As Springsteen once said,  “Let us be baptized in the cool water of rock and roll!”  Chickenfoot, my friends, may be on their way to writing the new gospel.



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