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IPR’s Artist and industries relations coordinator Brian “Champtown” Harmon has teamed up with the number one urban website in the world to launch his underground video show entitled Footage Fa Dayz.

The show has been on just four weeks and has already had close to five hundred thousand views. Footage Fa Dayz features vintage interviews ranging back as far as fourteen years as well as current footage with today’s artists.  This week Champ has teamed up with IPR instructor Matthias Saunders, known around the world as the Notorious DOP (Director of Photography).  Matthias’s skills can be seen on smash classic movies like Ghostbusters; he’s also lent his hand to such notorious artists as Spike Lee.

This week the IPR duo teamed up to do three episodes of Footage Fa Dayz with Minneapolis Rhymesayers recording artist Brother Ali.

Matthias Saunders stated, “It was an honor doing these episodes with Champ and Brother Ali, both of these guys are amazing, their hip hop IQ is second to none.”  Saunders continued, “It was hard to edit these episodes because everything champ and Ali discuss is very strong information that could not be left out – I had no choice but to make this a three part series!”

Footage Fa Days episodes of Brother Ali air Tuesday, June 30th along with a special independent week series on

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